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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction Columbia MO – Comfortable Tooth Removal

32 Dental Urgent Care is a well-known tooth extraction Columbia MO clinic. Teeth decay, damage, orthodontic treatment etc. need a tooth extraction. Whether you are suffering from toothache, gum ailments or planning a dental makeover, we can conduct a pain-free tooth extraction surgery Columbia MO. We have expert and experienced surgeons for a tooth removal. Our clinic is set in a comfortable and stress-free environment to provide you with speedy recovery and satisfaction.

Being a popular tooth extraction Columbia MO Clinic, our surgeons try to preserve your existing teeth, however, they are forced to conduct a tooth extraction surgery in circumstances such as:

  • Severe gum infections in patients with signs of periodontitis and caries
  • Surgical tooth extraction Columbia for tooth decay that has led to tooth damage and cavity
  • Broken tooth beyond repair
  • Wisdom teeth removal Columbia MO for unhealthy teeth
  • In various dental procedures as part of dental emergency care

AS a responsible tooth extraction Columbia MO service, we will discuss all the treatment options with our patients before resorting to tooth removal. In most cases such as decayed, broken or infected teeth, teeth removal provides patients with permanent solutions to their persistent pain and discomfort.